The Relaxation Channel for Hospital CC-TV

The Relaxation Channel for Hospital CC-TV

Designed for hospital closed-circuit-TV and waiting areas, this 12-hour program helps people relax while they watch. Shot in stunning locations from Maine to California and in world famous national parks like Acadia, Yosemite and Zion National Park. From the first minute to the last, the scenery, the music and the environmental sounds all mix together to create an an overall experience that is part breath-taking, part amazing, and part unforgettable and yet, so relaxing, it can put you to sleep in minutes.

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The Relaxation Channel for Hospital CC-TV
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  • The Relaxation Channel Preview Part Two

  • Summer

    What it's like to spend the perfect summer day starting with a stroll at sunrise on a gorgeous sandy beach followed by a visit to a summer garden full of Black-eyed Susans which leads you to a mountain lake glistening in the afternoon sun ending with a walk through the woods at sunset. Ambient mu...

  • Utah National Parks

    Utah is blessed with five world famous National Parks. In this hour you'll explore Zion, Bryce Canyon and Arches with their red rock formations, (in Bryce this looks like enormous sand castles) flowing rivers, and the unique high desert habitat while you listen to relaxing ambient music mixed wit...

  • Acadia National Park

    Easily the most spectacular National Park in the Eastern US with it's rocky coastline, sandy beaches, 360 degree mountain views, inland forests and peaceful meadows. There's not another National Park in America quite like it. Accompanied by relaxing music and sounds of nature.

  • Sequoia National Park & Catskill Mountain State Forest

    The largest trees in the world are captured in this video as you climb 7000 feet from the entrance to Sequoia National Park to the elevation where these giant trees grow. Second half of this installment of THE RELAXATION CHANNEL takes you to the verdant forests of the Catskill Mountains in upstat...

  • Spring

    A celebration of spring through woods, forest, hills, streams and the rush of wildflowers that highlight this season so often associated with renewal, rebirth and a new beginning. Every budding bloom reminds you that renewal is always right around the corner no matter where you are in life. Accom...

  • The California Coast

    Waves breaking, ocean sunsets, shorebirds skittering on the sand, panoramic views of unforgettable scenery from San Diego to Santa Barbara. Explore the California Coast with a side trip to an oasis in the middle of the Mojave Desert. Relaxing music plays along with natural sounds recorded on loca...

  • Autumn

    From a winding river in Connecticut to the majestic mountains of upstate New York, right to the heart of the Hudson Valley, this very relaxing installment of THE RELAXATION CHANNEL, captures the autumn season at its peak. Acoustic new-age music and the sounds of nature guide the viewer into a dee...

  • Massachusetts Shore: Beaches and Bays

    Shot in Duxbury, Massachusetts, with its massive salt marsh, 7-mile Long Beach, and world-famous cranberry bogs, this hour of relaxation programming is accompanied by soothing ambient music and the sounds of nature including waves, crickets, shorebirds and more.

  • Chicago Public Gardens & Lake Michigan

    Every flower imaginable from poppies to petunias are in bloom at Chicago's Public Gardens. Privately tour these beautifully maintained gardens in absolute peak season. Then spend a relaxing morning on the shores of Lake Michigan. Ambient music and natural sounds.

  • Yosemite National Park & The Colorado Rockies

    An unforgettable trip to Yosemite NP with stops at El Capitan, Ribbon Falls, Yosemite Valley and Half Dome. Follow that up with a trip to the Colorado Rockies and Pike's Peak with a stop at The Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. Add in acoustic music and natural sounds and you have a recipe ...

  • Winter

    When the sun rises after a wet snow, that sticks to all the branches in a secluded New England forest the result is absolutely magical. Blue sky, melting snow, icy water falls, this hour is filled with elements of nature that will leave you feeling relaxed and happy that you are watching this se...

  • Nighttime: Sunset and Moonrise

    From sunset to sunrise this Relaxation Channel segment follows the simple logic of the end of day, night fall, moon rise and the coming of morning. Slow moving, super relaxing and just right for helping folks fall asleep. Super relaxing music and enviromental sounds help lead the way.